Louie CromartieLouie just celebrated her silver anniversary of contra dancing, and after 25 years it still makes her heart race, gives her goosebumps and makes her laugh…loudly. As a caller, she brings that joyful energy to the stage, making every dance a celebratory experience. Louie is honored and thrilled to be part of of the CDSS Centennial Tour.

Louie calls contras and squares with skill, and great gusto and enthusiasm. She particularly loves the screams that arise after dancers finish a square and realize how much fun they celexa buy online no prescription just had! She is an active member of her local callers collective, and offers support, insight, and inspiration to callers of all levels of experience at local dances and weekend events.

Lately she has been focusing on the organizational side of things. She is serving on her local dance board in central North Carolina, for a second time (the first time was 20 years ago) and is currently serving as President.