Weekly Traditional Music Sessions

New Fiddlefern Country Dancers weekly, Tuesday night open music sessions started in January, 2015 at The Harmony Centre, 890 4th Avenue East, Owen Sound.

The participatory traditional tune sessions are for people who enjoy playing dance music, and for those who want to learn the jigs, reels, waltzes, polkas and more, and eventually play the music for dancers. Fiddlefern organizers anticipate a teaching/learning component each week, followed by a social trad tune session to share music.

This should be of interest especially to people who play melody instruments such as fiddle/violin, flute, whistles, pipes, accordion, concertina, banjo, mandolin etc. as well as people pursuing guitar and other instruments more suitable for rhythmic accompaniment.

Interested musicians are encouraged to attend. Contact session organizers Frank Francalanza (519-372-9151 - dancefranc@hotmail.com) or Will Henry (519-371-9413 - willihenry@gmail.com) for more information.

Fiddlefern Country Dancers 2015 music/calling workshops


Click Here for a downloadable brochure for our 2015 Music/Calling Workshops


  • for aspiring dance musicians, dancers and dance callers
  • all workshops are at The Harmony Centre, 890 4th Ave. East, Owen Sound.
  • Registration is $20 in advance, $25 at the door, includes reduced entrance to the dance that night.
  • Please register with Frank Francalanza dancefranc@hotmail.com 519-372-9151. Ask in advance about sponsored youth scholarships.
  • for billets, contact Ariel Barkley at: barkleys@wightman.ca or 519-371-9213


Saturday, April 4th -  1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Anne Lederman, Ian Bell, Lorraine Sutton

  • For melody players, fiddler Anne Lederman will again focus on rhythm, drive and technique to achieve lift-off in dance situations. Lock into the groove, keep it going, and make it interesting. Contact anne.lederman@gmail.com for suggested tunes.
  • Multi-instrumentalist Ian Bell will again share with guitarists and other rhythm instruments great strums for traditional rhythms and playing styles, bass lines for guitar accompaniments, tips for following the tunes, strategies for backing tune you’ve never heard, jazzing things up with swing chords, and more.
  • Caller Lorraine Sutton will focus on the role of the caller and incorporate some unusual dance forms.
  • Musicians will play and callers call for the dancers to wrap up the afternoon.
  • Join us for the 8 p.m. monthly Fiddlefern Country Dancers contra dance, with Ian and Anne making the music, Frank Francalanza calling, and more at St. George’s church hall.


April 28th to May 3rd


Who We Are

Anne Lederman:

A fiddler extraordinaire, singer of songs old and new, composer, improvisor and multi-instrumentalist, Anne embodies the spirit of Canadian music. She revitalizes old traditions, embraces new ones, and creates music that brings it all together, performing solo as Fiddlesong, with Tom Leighton (piano/accordion) and/or Ian Bell (guitar/button accordion/harmonica) and various musicians on percussion and bass. She is also a member of Njacko Backo’s Kalimba Kalimba and Eh?! a fiddle-based trio with James Stephens and Emilyn Stam.

Ian Bell:

Multi-instrumentalist, tune composer and songwriter Ian Bell has recorded and performed traditional music and songs, including his many original compositions, across Canada since the 1970s. His musical partnerships include long list of individuals and ensembles, including Muddy Yorke, with Anne Lederman, The Friends of Fiddlers Green, Oiver Schroer, Brian Pickell, James Gordon, Geoff Sommers, Enoch Kent and Allison Lupton. He’s played for many Fiddlefern contra dances.

Scatter the Cats:

This acoustic quintet likes nothing better than jumping into the groove for dancers. Members of Scatter the Cats have been making traditional dance music together at barn and town and church hall dances, folk festivals, pubs, parties, plowing matches, weddings and other community celebrations for 25 years.

Regional favourites at Summerfolk, Pratie Oaten and the Owen Sound Celtic Festival, theirs is an eclectic mix of traditional and original dance tunes influenced especially by Irish, Appalachian, and old Canadian fiddle repertoire.

Fiddler Will Henry, with Dan McGee, flute, clawhammer banjo and harmonica, Frank Francalanza, multi-instrumental percussionist, dancer and dance caller are all former members of the long-lived Grey-Bruce music collective Glenelg Full Moon Country Dance Band, now with Bob Robins on guitars and Randy Martin on acoustic and electric bass and percussion.

Frank Francalanza:

A caller, dance musician and visual artist from Grey County Ontario, Frank calls contra dances, teaches a variety of social dance forms and loves introducing people to the traditional dance forms that once were a big part of the original “social network”.

He plays mandolin and percussion for the regional dance band, Scatter the Cats.

Kate McLaren:

Thanks to caller Bettle Liotta and a welcoming rural community, Kate rediscovered in the early 1990s the pleasure of square dancing after an absence of 20 years. It quickly became a passion for contra dancing. She was coaxed, coached and encouraged to fill the need for more local dance callers and since 1994 has responded to the regional appetite for simple contra dances for young and old at weddings, festivals and community events.

Lorraine Sutton:

A longtime contra dance enthusiast, Lorraine began calling in Manitoba in the 1970s, exploring international dance and old time dancing. She was among those who revived the Toronto Country Dance in 1983, has called dances at numerous folk festivals and dance events in Ontario and beyond and has had a long association with the Fiddlefern Country Dancers.

Maureen Keating:

Maureen has been playing piano most of her life, but turned on to Celtic music when she moved up to Grey County from Toronto. She has been part of local bands - Jump Start and the Full Moon Country Dance Band, and now plays for Contra dances with various fiddlers. She has taught piano accompaniment by ear, and now teaches the Ceili Band class every August at the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival.

Fiddlefern Country Dancers:

This group of dancers and contra dance lovers in Owen Sound, Ontario, has been organizing and promoting regular dances and an annual dance weekend in Owen Sound for more than 20 years. Contra dancing is a fun, friendly form of dancing done to live music with a caller leading you through the dances. No partner needed. No experience necessary. All levels welcome.

Our Sponsors:

The Fiddlefern dance community is one of just seven dance communities across Canada and the United States awarded a Country Dance and Song Society community residency as part of the centennial tour this spring. The CDSS is a leading North American arts and education organization promoting participatory social dance, music and song with roots in North American culture. Community Foundation Grey-Bruce is also supporting the group this year as is the Georgian Bay Folk Society.


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