Sam BartlettSam Bartlett is a traditional musician known throughout the United States for his mandolin, banjo, and guitar playing as well as his original music. His compositions have been profiled on NPR’s All Things Considered, aired on the Thistle & Shamrock, and his playing has been featured in two Ken Burns documentaries, Prohibition and The Dust Bowl.

Sam has recorded with a virtual who’s who of old-time musicians, among them: Garry Harrison, Paul Brown, Rafe Stefanini, Pete Sutherland, Dirk Powell, and Rick Good. He has also recorded with and been a member of some of the most buy online meds influential contra dance bands in modern history:

The Clayfoot Strutters, Wild Asparagus, Uncle Gizmo, The Sevens, The Rodney Miller Band, and Notorious.

Sam has taught traditional dance music to communities throughout the country for the past 30 years.

Sam is also a master entertainer, and author ofThe Best of Stuntology (Workman, 2008) which is sold internationally and recently ?translated into Finnish and German, as well as profiled by the BBC.

“I only wish I’d been given this book when I was nine.” -Ira Glass, Host of PRI’s This American Life.